Thursday, January 15, 2009

the down low ... yo.

i found a challenge! yippee! a group ... see - over there - on the left ...

the guidelines are ...

1. photos are to be taken in 2009
2. post your own work only
3. post a photo to match each theme
4. “make your own theme” up to 52 times during the year
5. images may be edited or unedited - your choice
6. keep your images, text, and comment appropriate for all ages
7. support your fellow participants with comments and feedback
8. have fun and learn something

i think i can ... i think i can ... i think i can ...

so ... also ... over there on the left you will find the running list o' themes. i will cross off a theme whenever i complete it.

i'm kinda thinking about having my little one, stella, join in on the fun - when she feels like it. she just got a camera for christmas this year ... and she might really enjoy the project too. i'll let you know if she decides to join in.

for now ...

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