Wednesday, January 14, 2009

a welcome.

shhh ... this is kind of a (not-so) secret little place where i am hoping to work on a 365 challenge.

my 365 challenge?

to get better at taking pictures.

without using the automatic mode crutch on my new camera.
and by using less of my flash.
and capturing moments.
and finding beauty around myself ... on a somewhat daily basis.
really just ... taking pictures ... to get better ... at taking pictures.

that's all. thanks for stumbling on through. feel free to come back and check on us.

oh yeah ... and the title?? not sure. i just know i'm breaking down a little - stressed, fatigued, frustrated. isn't that what happens to us mommies on a regular basis?

and i thought i should look for the beauty in it NOW ... before i get too caught up in the breaking down part.

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Clara said...

Jen, I saw your post on my blog and I wanted to let you know about Elements Village.

This is a great forum. It is mainly about Photoshop Elements, but of course photography is discussed also. It is a very friendly and supportive forum, and the people there range from beginners to experts. Everyone is always nice.
Go on over and give it a try.